Holland House Sitting Group: A celebration for the commitment to Zen service


During our usual time of sitting zazen together the Holland House Sangha held a short ceremony to present Zen Service Robes to members of the group who offer to commit to positions of service. It was good that Kundo Roshi was able to be with us to conduct proceedings. Each person had already studied the Precepts and received Jukai and has been willing to commit to a service role at our regular meetings, as well as at Zazenkai and Sesshin.    

The grey robes are similar to those worn for Samu at Zen Mountain Monastery and it was stressed during the Ceremony that they are a visible sign of being of service and a reminder to the wearer of the responsibility they have rather than in any way a token of honour.

Those pictured wearing the robes and sitting with Kundo Roshi and the Holland House group are Ian Hosho Spencer, Karen Heishin Spencer, Paul Ejo Matheson and Karen Keishin Rollinson.