Helpful quotes

  • Zen gives us a method to put the wordless and imageless prayer of contemplation into practice. Zen training does not allow us to analyze or theorise about prayer or life. Instead it plunges us at the outset into the contemplative act in which there is no subject or object.
  • Zazen is the practice of stilling the mind through wholehearted attentiveness to the breath. This steady attention coupled with the stillness of the body frees the mind from normal activities.
  • Yamada Roshi, a great Japanese Zen Master said to all his Christian Students, “I am not trying to make you a Buddhist, but to empty you in imitation of your Lord, Jesus Christ.”
  • It is “the duty of Christians now to draw from the rich heritage of the East the elements compatible with their faith in order to enrich Christian thought. The Church of the future will judge herself enriched by all that comes from today’s engagement with Eastern cultures and will find in this inheritance fresh cues for fruitful dialogue with the cultures which will emerge as humanity moves into the future.” John Paul II in his Encyclical on Faith and Reason.
  • Pope Benedict in his interfaith meeting during his visit to the USA, after naming the dialogue of truth on the deeper questions of human life as the higher goal of inter religious dialogue he declared that, “The ardent desire to follow in Christ’s footsteps spurs Christians to open their hearts and minds to dialogue.” He concluded with these words: “By giving ourselves generously to this sacred task – through dialogue and countless acts of love, understanding and compassion – we can be instruments of peace for the whole human family.” Tablet 26 April 2008.