Easter celebrations

This page is an opportunity for me to put some immediate thoughts on our website and thereby cut down on the emails that are sent out to people on our mailing list.  This then will be something like “thoughts while shaving” and as you know I don’t shave that often!  I was struck over Easter-tide with the interpretation of the 12 stations of the cross as presented by the people of Tyne & Wear in their North east passion .  They really related well in recognizing that the humanity of Jesus means that he suffered ordinary human experiences .  Each of the ‘stations’ were portrayed as representing a truly human experience of  rejection, victimization, loss, but also kindness and support.  It is only my opinion but I think that this goes right to the heart of what the way of the cross says to our world today.

Then I am afraid that I was very disappointed by the Easter sermons of both the Archbishops of Westminster and Canterbury.  They seemed more like a political speech than a homily that is a proclamation of ‘good news’  I remember back in the 60′s that Dom Aelred  Graham wrote that people will leave the church NOT because they have forsaken spirituality but for the SAKE of spirituality.   It’s a pity that they didn’t speak to the message of how the person of Jesus is the paradigm of all humanity and what the events described in scripture can mean for us in the deepest part of our own lives.  Carl Rogers once remarked ” What is the most intimate part of our innermost being is what most clearly unites us.”  The inner experience of Jesus then is something in which we are all united.  No separation!  If all is part of one reality what does that mean for you and I here and now in THIS moment?

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