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Who’s a Christian?

The media has given quite a bit of attention to David Cameron’s recent comments on England being a Christian Country.  This was immediately attacked by those who declared otherwise and also thought his comments were likely to be divisive.  Just last weekend the Archbishop of Canterbury Emeritus made his contribution calling this country as post-Christian by which he explained that… Read more →

Cultural conditioning

Daido Loori Roshi , one of my Zen teachers often made comments about the effect of cultural conditioning.  Today  in England we celebrate the feast day of St. George our patron saint  and it is also commemorated as the birthday and anniversary of the death of William Shakespeare.  So I am wondering what , if any , is the cultural… Read more →

Easter celebrations

This page is an opportunity for me to put some immediate thoughts on our website and thereby cut down on the emails that are sent out to people on our mailing list.  This then will be something like “thoughts while shaving” and as you know I don’t shave that often!  I was struck over Easter-tide with the interpretation of the… Read more →